90s remote control cars

I'd never seen it until it came across my screen, and I'm going to be supremely disappointed if one of our readers doesn't make this guy an offer and send us a review. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. A very unusual rc model. What's not to love? The batteries are easy to charge as well, as the built-in battery is of 3.7 voltage and supports 240mAh. Category Kyosho | Tags: 1/8th,1990's,Kyosho,Kyosho story,landmax | Comments Off on Kyosho GP Landmax 4WD 1/8th scale, 1/12th scale Radio Controlled .10 engine powered wheelie action car series. RC Superstore does not just carry remote control cars for kids, but also specializes in top of the line remote control cars for adults. Filter Clear all. Replacing Car Key Fobs and Remotes. The Rebound was a nice, easy way to get little kids into R/C cars, and into flipping things over. Shop Now google_ad_slot = "4869487938"; The list goes on. Tomy even sold a whole bunch of extra performance parts, so you could hot rod your car and have it scoot across your desk even more quickly. Re-Volt. If you grew up with R/C cars sometime between the late 1970s and early 1990s, then you're sure to find something fun to read about here. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. VINTAGE 1/8 SCALE NIKKO FORD F150 OFFROAD REMOTE CONTROL TRUCK No Remote/Battery. (more…), Category Kyosho | Tags: 1990's,1991,Kyosho | Comments Off on Kyosho Porsche 959 Limited Edition – Kyosho Kit No.4281. It had an anodized aluminum chassis with oil-filled shock absorbers, limited-slip differential and A-arm suspension. But that's not nearly as cool, is it? 3748, 1/10th, Kyosho Lamborghini Diablo VT – Scale Car Series Kit 1/10th scale. I had a remote controlled blimp that I flew around my living room, but it wasn't nearly as cool as this full-size Vauxhall flying around the Top Gear studio. Kyosho made them in electric and gas version. R/C Cars & Trucks. Driving tiny cars is awesome. I also write about other retro toys sometimes. Category Exhausts | Tags: 1990's,1991,EFRA,pipes | Comments Off on EFRA Pipes of 1991, ,

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